Week Commencing 29 January – Key Dates and Insights for Investors

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Week Commencing 29 January – Key Dates and Insights for Investors

Brace yourselves, finance enthusiasts, because next week promises a roller coaster ride in the markets! From blue-chip giants unveiling their annual results to tech titans facing continued scrutiny, we’re in for a data-driven week that could reshape market sentiment. Let’s dive into the key events to watch:

Full-Year Earnings in Spotlight

  • January 29th: Get ready for a pharma doubleheader, with GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) and Roche showcasing their full-year performance. GSK’s respiratory drugs and vaccine business will be under the microscope, while Roche’s oncology and diagnostics segments are expected to shine.
  • January 30th: Retail giant H&M takes center stage, revealing its annual results amidst an uncertain consumer landscape. Watch for holiday season performance and any adjustments to their expansion plans.
  • February 1st: The financial sector heats up with full-year reports from European heavyweights Deutsche Bank and BNP Paribas. Investors will be keen to assess their resilience in a rising interest rate environment.

Earnings Season Kicks into High Gear

  • January 30th: Buckle up for airline earnings with Ryanair taking flight. Their cost-cutting measures and passenger demand will be key metrics to watch.
  • January 31st: The beverage giant Diageo takes the stage, offering insights into the resilience of the alcohol industry amidst inflationary pressures.
  • February 1st: Healthcare giant Pfizer and automotive powerhouse General Motors step into the spotlight. Pfizer’s vaccine and drug performance will be crucial, while GM’s electric vehicle push and production figures will be under scrutiny.
  • February 2nd: Tech titans take center stage with AMD, Microsoft, and Alphabet all reporting quarterly results. The battle for cloud supremacy and semiconductor market share will be a key focus.

Trading Updates and Big Names

  • January 30th: Pets at Home and AO World, UK retail players, offer updates on their holiday performance and consumer spending trends.
  • February 1st: Travel and leisure giants Saga and Entain provide insights into the ongoing recovery of their respective sectors.
  • February 2nd: Energy titans Shell and Glencore paint a picture of the oil and commodity markets, while mining giants Anglo American offer insights into the demand for metals.

Key Dates And Data Of The Week

DateFull-year EarningsHalf/Quarterly EarningTrading Updates
Monday 29 JanRyanairSmith & Nephew
Tuesday 30 JanSthreeDiageo, Pfizer, General Motors, AMD, Microsoft, AlphabetPets at Home, Diversified Energy Co, AO World, Saga
Wednesday 31 JanGSK, H&MBoeingEntain
Thursday 1 FebRoche, Deutsche Bank, BNP ParibasApple, Peloton, Meta, AmazonBT, Shell, Glencore, Anglo American
Friday 2 FebChevron, Exxon Mobil

Beyond the Numbers

Remember, earnings and updates are just one piece of the puzzle. Keep an eye on broader economic trends like inflation, central bank policies, and geopolitical developments. These factors can significantly impact market sentiment and company performance.

Stay tuned for a dynamic week in the financial markets! Each earnings release and trading update holds the potential to shape investment decisions and market outlooks. This is your chance to stay ahead of the curve and make informed investment decisions.

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