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Best Credit Cards in 5 Daily Usage Categories in 2024

The Best Credit Cards in The UK in 2024


As we approach 2024, the UK credit card market remains vibrant and diverse, offering various options to suit multiple financial needs and lifestyles. Whether you’re seeking a card for cashback rewards, travel perks, or balance transfers, there’s a perfect match waiting to be discovered. Here, we delve into the top credit card offerings in the UK for 2024, encompassing a range of categories to cater to diverse spending habits and preferences.

Best Credit Cards in 5 Daily Usage Categories in 2024

Best for Cashback: American Express Platinum Cashback Everyday Credit Card

Reward Rate: 5% cashback on select categories, including groceries, transit, streaming services, and phone bills, up to £125 cashback per month.

Annual Fee: £59

Key Benefits:

  • Generous cash-back rewards on everyday spending
  • No overseas transaction fees
  • Extended warranty and purchase protection

Target Audience: Everyday spenders seeking to maximize cashback rewards

Best for Travel: The Platinum Card® from American Express

Reward Rate: 5x Membership Rewards points on flights booked directly with airlines or through American Express Travel

Annual Fee: £585

Key Benefits:

  • Airport lounge access
  • Travel credits
  • Hotel elite status
  • Premium travel insurance

Target Audience: Frequent travellers seeking comprehensive travel benefits

Best for Balance Transfers: Barclaycard 0% Balance Transfer Credit Card

Introductory Offer: 0% balance transfer for 26 months

Annual Fee: £24 after the introductory period

Key Benefits:

  • Extended interest-free period to consolidate debt
  • No balance transfer fee
  • No overseas transaction fees

Target Audience: Individuals seeking to manage existing debt with a long-term balance transfer solution

Best for Students: Santander All-In-One Zero Credit Card

Annual Fee: No annual fee

Key Benefits:

  • Fee-free overdraft facility up to £500
  • 5% cashback on selected categories, including groceries, bills, and leisure activities
  • Travel Insurance

Target Audience: Students seeking a comprehensive credit card solution with no annual fee

Best for Business: American Express Business Cashback® Credit Card

Reward Rate: 5% cashback on eligible business purchases, including office supplies, shipping costs, and advertising expenses, up to £100 monthly cashback.

Annual Fee: £250

Key Benefits:

  • Generous cashback rewards on business spending
  • Purchase protection and extended warranties
  • Access to American Express Business services

Target Audience: Business owners seeking to maximize cashback rewards on business expenses

What do you remember before getting a credit card?

It’s crucial to compare different credit cards before applying, ensuring you select the one most suited to your needs. Considerations should include the interest rate, applicable fees, the rewards on offer, and your credit score.

Here are some more recommendations for choosing the right credit card:

  • Assess your spending behaviour: If you often maintain a balance from month to month, opt for a card with a low-interest rate. If you’re in the habit of paying off your balance in full each month, prioritise a card with high-value rewards.
  • Check your credit score: Your credit rating will determine your credit card eligibility and the interest rate you’re offered. You might consider a secured credit card if your score is low.
  • Scrutinise the terms and conditions: Understanding the interest rate, fees, and rewards is essential before applying for a credit card.

Credit cards can be an effective tool for building your credit history and accumulating rewards. Nevertheless, they must be used responsibly, with full payment of your bill each month, to avoid accruing interest charges.


The UK credit card market offers various options for diverse financial needs and preferences. By carefully considering your requirements and comparing different card offerings, you can make an informed decision and select the credit card that best complements your lifestyle and financial goals. Responsible credit card usage is vital to maximising rewards and maintaining financial well-being.

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