Netting Wins on the Court and in Commerce: How Maria Sharapova Became a Successful Businesswoman and an Investor?

How Maria Sharapova Became a Successful Businesswoman and an Investor?


Maria Sharapova, famed for her prowess on the tennis court, has carved out an equally impressive career in the business sphere. Yet, how did this transpire? How did Maria Sharapova become a successful businesswoman and investor? Let’s delve into the fascinating voyage of Maria Sharapova, from the Grand Slam stages to the boardrooms of the business world.

How Maria Sharapova Became a Successful Businesswoman and an Investor?

Leveraging Tennis Stardom for Entrepreneurial Success

Armed with an enviable net worth of $180M, Maria Sharapova, a former world number one, traded her tennis attire for business suits. Her renowned resilience and competitive nature on the court paved the way for her ventures in business and investment.

Sugarpova: The Sweet Start of an Entrepreneurial Journey

In 2012, Sharapova made her debut in the business world, launching her candy brand, Sugarpova. The brand, mirroring Sharapova’s playful and energetic persona, resonated with consumers globally. Today, Sugarpova has expanded into an esteemed lifestyle brand with an estimated value of over $20M.

An Investor’s Hat Trick: UFC, Therabody, and Beyond

Building upon Sugarpova’s success, Sharapova ventured into investments. As an angel investor, she has backed innovative ventures like Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) and Therabody. Through these strategic moves, Sharapova, valued at $38M as of 2022, fortified her position in the investment arena.

Broadening Business Frontiers with Supergoop!

Adding to her business portfolio, Sharapova became a co-owner of the skincare brand Supergoop! Estimated at $50M, this venture has not only augmented Sharapova’s investment savvy but also epitomised her advocacy for healthy lifestyles.

Sharapova’s Blueprint for Business Triumph

A Fusion of Passion and Pragmatism

So, how did Maria Sharapova become a successful businesswoman and investor? A critical component of Sharapova’s triumph stems from her capability to weave her passions into a pragmatic business model, fuelling her profitable enterprises.

Drawing Upon a Winning Sporting Legacy

Sharapova’s vast experience in professional tennis instilled invaluable qualities like tenacity, resilience, and competitiveness, which she channelled into her business endeavours.

Adapting and Embracing Failure: A Mantra from the Court

As in tennis, adaptation and acceptance of failure are crucial for thriving in the business world. Sharapova has adeptly applied these lessons from her sporting career to her entrepreneurial pursuits, viewing setbacks as opportunities for growth.


The saga of Maria Sharapova, from netting Grand Slam wins to accruing business triumphs, is an awe-inspiring testament to the tenacity, adaptability, and strategic prowess of this tennis legend-turned-business mogul. The answer to ‘How did Maria Sharapova become a successful businesswoman and investor?’ is a mix of playing the right shots in business, learning from the misses, and turning her passions into lucrative opportunities.

FAQs about Maria Sharapova’s Business Ventures

Q1. What businesses does Maria Sharapova own?

Maria Sharapova owns Sugarpova, a lifestyle brand valued at over $20M, and is a co-owner of the skincare brand Supergoop!, estimated at $50M.

Q2. In which companies have Maria Sharapova invested?

Sharapova has invested in several companies, including the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) and Therabody, augmenting her net worth to $38M in 2022.

Q3. What was the motivation behind the launch of Sugarpova?

Sugarpova was born from Sharapova’s creative impulses and love for sweets.

Q4. How has Maria Sharapova’s tennis career influenced her business pursuits?
Sharapova’s sporting career has nurtured traits like resilience, adaptability, and competitiveness, which she has successfully harnessed for her business strategies.

Q5. What is Maria Sharapova’s philosophy regarding business and investment?
Sharapova endorses the fusion of passion and practicality, along with viewing failures as stepping stones towards success.

Q6. How did Maria Sharapova transition from a tennis champion to a successful businesswoman and investor?
Leveraging her sporting experience, strategic investments, and passion-infused business endeavours, Sharapova has successfully transitioned into a business maven and investor.

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