Top 10 British FTSE Shares to Watch in 2024

Top 10 British FTSE Shares to Watch in 2024

With 2024 in full swing, investors are searching for promising British stocks to fuel their portfolios. Navigating the market can be challenging, but these ten companies stand out with their potential for significant growth and intriguing investment propositions.

Please note: This article provides information and analysis but does not constitute financial advice. Always conduct your research and consult a qualified professional before making investment decisions.

List of Top 10 British Shares to Watch in 2024

Scottish Mortgage Investment Trust (SMT)

  • Reason to Invest: SMT unlocks explosive growth globally, especially in tech titans like Tesla and Amazon. It’s your ticket to cutting-edge innovation and industry leaders, driving potential for stratospheric returns in 2024.
  • Warnings: 2024 might not be ideal for Scottish Mortgage Investment Trust. Concerns include high valuation after strong runs, amplified exposure to tech during the potential downturn, and limited diversification within the tech sector.
  • Recent News: A recent rebound in tech stocks suggests potential recovery after a tough 2023.
  • 2023 Performance: 13.01%
  • Market Cap: £11.34m (Dec 31, 2023)

AstraZeneca (AZN)

  • Reason to Invest: diversified pipeline boosts growth – oncology drugs shine, respiratory franchise resilient, R&D pipeline packed with potential blockbusters. Strong financials & dividend history add allure. Buy for long-term healthcare exposure.
  • Warnings: Its pipeline holds promise, but ongoing drug development carries inherent uncertainties.
  • Recent News: Strong pipeline advancements and potential pandemic booster shot sales.
  • 2023 Performance: -2.86%
  • Market Cap: £164.29bn (Dec 31, 2023)

Shell (SHEL)

  • Reason to Invest: Renewable energy ventures position them for clean energy transition leadership, while traditional oil and gas remain profitable amidst global demand. Streamlined operations and debt reduction promise more substantial returns. Consider Shell for a balanced portfolio with both current income and future growth potential.
  • Warnings: High oil prices may not persist, and their renewable transition requires careful monitoring.
  • Recent News: Increased share buybacks and potential dividend hike in February 2024.
  • 2023 Performance: +8.49%
  • Market Cap: £167.84bn (Dec 31, 2023)

Rolls-Royce Holdings (RR.)

  • Reason to Invest: This year could be Rolls-Royce’s year to soar: defence spending is up, civil engine demand is recovering, and debt is slashed. New Trent XWB engine fuels efficiency gains, while UltraFan promises revolutionary green tech. With government support and a bullish CEO, buckle up for potential takeoff.
  • Warnings: Their turnaround depends on the aviation sector recovery and execution of their strategies.
  • Recent News: Focus on sustainable aviation technologies and cost-cutting efforts.
  • 2023 Performance: +203.20%
  • Market Cap: £25.23bn (Dec 31, 2023)

Lloyds Banking Group (LLOY)

  • Reason to Invest: Their sturdy financials are set to benefit from potential interest rates staying higher for longer, boosting profits and payouts. Lloyds’ commitment to buybacks and digital upgrades shows they prioritise shareholder value. While caution is key, Lloyds presents a compelling story for 2024.
  • Warnings: High interest rates could benefit them, but economic uncertainties, like a recession, might pose challenges.
  • Recent News: Strong Q3 2023 results and potential for further share buybacks.
  • 2023 Performance: +1.07%
  • Market Cap: £30.33bn (Dec 31, 2023)

Croda International (CROD)

  • Reason to Invest: Growing hygiene and personal care markets, boosted by post-pandemic trends, bode well for their speciality chemicals. Strategic acquisitions and a solid dividend track record sweeten the deal. While volatile markets pose risks, Croda’s diverse exposure and focus on essential needs offer potential for fragrant returns.
  • Warnings: Their M&A activity carries integration risks, and economic slowdowns could impact demand.
  • Recent News: Strong M&A activity and expanding into high-growth markets.
  • 2023 Performance: -23.53%
  • Market Cap: £7.0bn (Dec 31, 2023)

Segro (SGRO)

  • Reason to Invest: 
    Booming e-commerce and the ever-hungry logistics behemoths make Segro a compelling play in 2024. Their prime warehouse space across Europe and the US is in high demand, driving rent hikes and juicy dividends. Add their green credentials and expansion plans, and Segro could be a sweet spot for growth-hungry investors.
  • Warnings: E-commerce trends may evolve, and rising construction costs could affect margins.
  • Recent News: Strong rental growth and continued investment in development projects.
  • 2023 Performance: +13.30%
  • Market Cap: £9.7bn (Dec 31, 2023)

Taylor Wimpey (TW.)

  • Reason to Invest: While housing market headwinds linger, positive signs abound. A potential bottoming out of declines, easing mortgage rates, and government support could spur buyer confidence. Taylor Wimpey’s solid track record, attractive dividend yield, and focus on affordable housing give them an edge. Caution is always wise, but Taylor Wimpey offers enticing prospects for savvy investors.
  • Warnings: The housing market remains sensitive to interest rates and economic factors.
  • Recent News: Strong order book and positive outlook for 2024.
  • 2023 Performance: +39.51%
  • Market Cap: £5.2bn (Dec 31, 2023)

Deliveroo (ROO)

  • Reason to Invest: Growing online food orders, expansion into new markets, and potential cost-cutting measures could fuel platform growth and profitability. Plus, their tech investments and strategic partnerships hold promise for improved efficiency and customer reach. Although competition is fierce, Deliveroo’s focus on innovation and niche markets could make it a tasty investment option for 2024.
  • Warnings: Profitability improvements are crucial, and competition in the food delivery market is fierce.
  • Recent News: Improving profitability and focus on cost optimisation.
  • 2023 Performance: +43.89%
  • Market Cap: £1.9bn (Dec 31, 2023)

Airtel Africa (AFR)

  • Reason to Invest: Expanding internet adoption across its 14 African markets fuels data revenue growth, while mobile money services boom thanks to rising financial inclusion. Plus, its solid financials and potential dividend offer stable returns. With robust infrastructure investments and a growing digital ecosystem, Airtel Africa could be a compelling play on Africa’s digital future.
  • Warnings: Regulatory environments and currency fluctuations in Africa require careful consideration.
  • Recent News: Growing subscriber base and expanding digital ecosystem.
  • 2023 Performance: +13.65%
  • Market Cap: £4.88bn (Dec 31, 2023)

Before You Invest

  • Past performance is no guarantee of future returns. The market is a fickle beast, so buckle up for some bumps.
  • Risk lurks around every corner. Diversify your portfolio and spread your bets to cushion the blow.
  • Know your appetite for adventure. Are you a thrill-seeker or a cautious camper? Align your investments with your risk tolerance.
  • Do your homework. Dig into financial statements, analyst reports, and news articles before taking the plunge.
  • Seek professional guidance if needed. Navigating the market can be tricky; a financial advisor can be your compass.

Combining this information with your own research and financial planning allows you to make informed investment decisions aligned with your individual goals and risk tolerance. Remember, investing always involves risk, and success is not guaranteed. Always prioritise careful research and responsible financial management.

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